Right Path drug Rehab Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH 

Alcohol and/or drug addiction affect millions of Americans every year. Not only is the drug abuser experience emotional, physical, behavioral, and social issues, but the relationships surrounding the drug abuser are suffering as well. Right Path Drug Rehabilitation Center in Cincinnati, Ohio is a network of providers that will help you find a high-quality facility that specializes in addiction recovery. Each facility is equipped with a passionate team of professionals who are committed to helping those who are struggling with an alcohol and/or drug addiction. Please contact Right Path Drug Rehab in Cincinnati, Ohio today to receive help for your or a loved one that is struggling a substance abuse problem. We are here to help you!

Recovery is a battle that does not have to be fought alone. The network of providers of Right Path Drug Rehab in Cincinnati, Ohio puts the client and his or her journey as their top priority. The first step in recovery is for the client to admit there is a problem. Drug rehab can be very successful for the client if he or she is open to the treatment. After the next step of reaching out for help, Right Path Drug Rehab in Cincinnati, Ohio will connect the client to a facility that will structure a treatment plan that is best fitted for the client. Every treatment plan accommodates to the needs of the client, but every treatment regimen begins with a medically administered detoxification. This step of recovery is crucial to the recovery process because it will lessen or prevent the withdrawal symptoms. This procedure is very safe because it is carefully assisted by medical professionals.

The circumstances of a client will vary with other clients, which is why Right Path Drug Rehab offers a variety of treatment plans differs for every client. The treatment plan may require the client to stay at the facility for a range of one, two, or three months. All of the treatment plans have a variety of one-on-one therapy sessions and group therapy sessions. Each client will receive about forty-five to fifty-five hours of therapy and counseling every week. Since every facility has a minimal number of clients, there is more intimate time with our highly trained counselors. Also, the group therapy sessions are very fulfilling because they include activities such as yoga and hiking. These types of sessions help our clients gain perspective of themselves by interacting with others in similar circumstances. Additionally, relapse prevention methods that are instilled in every treatment plan will help the client live a lifetime of recovery by learning how to build a daily and healthy routine to avoid any triggers.

If you or a loved one is ready to start the journey to recovery, please give us a call today. Take advantage of our network of providers that will connect you to facility that offer high-quality care. Right Path Drug Rehab in Cincinnati, Ohio are completely dedicated to those who are struggling with an alcohol and/or drug abuse problem. 

Cincinnati, OH