Right Path Drug Rehab in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK

Right Path’s network of providers wants to ensure that you don’t have to go through addiction recovery treatment alone. Our compassionate, educated staff at Right Path Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are eager to begin a custom treatment program for you or your loved one today. Getting sober doesn’t have to be scary or hard. Let Right Path’s network of providers take the stress of addiction recovery treatment off your shoulders.

Our dual diagnosis facility is different than an average detox and rehab facility. We are a center that can diagnose physical and mental issues in treatment and therapy that involves the root of the patient is using drugs and substance abuse in the long run. We teach our patients positive coping mechanisms to deal with emotion stress, and our physicians are experienced in medical administered detox. Patients are able to rest comfortably while nurses and doctors monitor them, and illicit substances are removed from your system without any symptoms of withdrawals. Getting sober doesn’t have to be hard at Right Path .

Right Path’s network of providers in Oklahoma City provide patients with compassionate support and guidance. Therapy in group sessions and one on one allow you a variance of experiences and opportunities to open up while getting addiction recovery treatment. Our network of providers utilize a broad spectrum of services for our patients including medically administered detox, group therapy, 12 step programs, and positive coping mechanisms to solidify how to obtain sobriety in the minds of our patients.

Addiction recovery treatment at Right Path Oklahoma City, Oklahoma offers patients not only top of the line addiction recovery treatment, but it also allows for a safe haven away from addiction triggers and enablers that are around home. Give yourself a real chance and commit to 30, 60, or a 90 day treatment plan to begin a better, sober life. Length of treatment depends on the severity and history of your addiction, so contact a case manager at Right Path today and decide what length of addiction recovery treatment is best for you or your loved one today.

Right Path Oklahoma City provides private accommodations and chefs for our patients, ensuring their only worry while in the treatment center is getting well and building self-control. Our network of providers encourage biking, kayaking, meditation, yoga, and day trips as positive coping mechanisms to deal with stress and fight cravings and triggers.

The low capacity of intake we maintain at Right Path Oklahoma City is based on a balanced relationship between our network of providers and patients. This guarantees every patient receives the maximum attention and care from their doctors, nurses, counselors, and case managers during their addiction recovery treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns about substance abuse recovery for you or a loved one, we encourage you to contact our network of providers for Right Path Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and begin seeking addiction recovery treatment today.

Oklahoma City, OK