If you or your loved one is suffering from substance abuse or alcoholism, get help today from the experienced network of providers at Right Path Portland, Oregon. Our facility in Portland is equipped with the latest technology in addiction recovery and relapse prevention, and our case manager are waiting by to help you or your loved one start the journey to sobriety.

Many people with substance abuse problems are worried that detoxing will put them through withdrawals, sweats, nausea, etc. At Right Path Portland, our dual diagnosis facility has trained physicians who medically administer the detox process. Recovering addicts can rest and heal comfortably while their body systems are relieved of all illicit substances. Removing the toxins from the body is the first step to cutting ties with the physical addiction of you or our loved one.

Our top of the line Right Path Drug Rehab center in Portland, Oregon is equipped in the latest technology for professional medical, psychological, and physical addiction rehabilitation. Our network of providers with in Portland, Oregon include doctors, nurses, counselors, case managers, and psychiatrists, who are compassionate and educated in successful tools for addiction recovery. Rest assured that you or your loved one will get the substance abuse recovery they deserve at Right Path Portland.

Right Path in Portland is a dual diagnosis facility. Our network of providers there are able to diagnose physical and mental addiction problems to more thoroughly identify and remove triggers and enablers in the recovering addicts life. Right Path’s network of providers offer a wide spectrum of services for relapse prevention including 12 step programs, group therapy, and positive coping mechanisms. Activities while staying for a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program include beachside therapy, yoga, meditation, hiking, and day trips, to name a few. These uplifting excursions prepare our recovering patients to stay sober in the real world, faced with real temptations. This support’s Right Path’s goal of relapse prevention for our patients.

Every experience of addiction recovery is unique and personalized for our patient’s, and you or your loved one will be encouraged to get to know your case manager in order to pick most effective plan of treatment for your specific addiction severity and history. Right Path Portland uses a rolling, balanced enrollment program to better serve you or your loved one while in addiction recovery treatment. Low client intake and capacity ensure maximum care and attention to our recovering patients. You will find compassion, understanding, and support during your treatment program at Right Path Portland, Oregon.

If you or someone you love needs professional guidance to begin their journey with addiction recovery, Right Path Portland’s network of providers are ready and waiting to help you through a comfortable detox and rehabilitation treatment in our Portland, Oregon center.

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