Right Path Drug Rehab Portland

Portland, OR 

Addiction recovery treatment no longer has to be a painful process. Right Path Drug Rehab Portland Oregon has crafted time tested tools and solutions that successfully and safely treat long term addiction. Our network of providers will take the time to understand your addiction specifically, so all of your needs can be treated. At our drug rehab center, we utilize a method that we refer to as dual diagnosis. With this procedure, our network of providers is able to target both your physical and psychological ailments in order to restore your body entirely. Let us help you start a better, sober, and more fulfilling life today.

Right Path Drug Rehab Portland Oregon wants to give you supporting, interactive, and caring treatment that is personalized. We practice rolling enrollment in order to keep a low capacity. This process ensures we maintain intake limits in order to provide you with the undivided attention you deserve. Our network of providers believes that each and every patient deserves individualized care.

When you first contact Right Path Drug Rehab Portland Oregon, you will be assigned to an intake coordinator. Your intake coordinator will take the time to understand your addiction history, so that we can treat all your needs accordingly. Your intake coordinator will administer assessments relating to your drug history, and once he or she feels that they developed a better understanding of your addiction history, you will be placed into an addiction recovery program. The severity of your addiction will determine which duration of treatment you require. At Right Path Drug Rehab Portland Oregon, we offer various treatment lengths that run 30, 60, or 90 days. Our network of providers has found that treating addiction recovery on a case by case basis and focusing treatment on your specific past in substance abuse, is much more effective than using a blanket treatment plan for all patients.

Right Path Drug Rehab is committed to treating each patient with our dual diagnosis approach. Our network of providers will begin by addressing your addiction with detox. Detox is important because it signals the brain to prompt the body that it is no longer reliant on substance abuse. We always administer a medically assisted detox to each patient, which ensures comfort and safety thanks to the stabilizing and non-addictive medication. Once your body has been physically cleansed of all addictive substances, you will move forward to be treated for you psychological ailments. We will assess your mental thinking patterns in order to determine what factors lead to your substance abuse. One on one therapy, and group therapy are effective ways for patients to open up about addiction. Right Path Drug Rehab Portland Oregon will encourage you to rely on positive coping mechanisms so that you can replace your addictive tendencies with positive reinforcements whenever you feel distressed.
Right Path Drug Rehab Portland Oregon is ready to help you achieve sobriety. Contact an intake coordinator today to discuss creating a personalized treatment plan.

Portland, OR