Addiction to drugs and alcohol can overwhelm your life until you lose control. Don’t let substance abuse become a life sentence for you or someone you love. Right Path Hillsboro, Oregon, offers addiction recovery therapy that is comprehensive and individualized, to be effective and successful in 30, 60, or 90 day treatment programs. The network of providers working within Right Path Hillsboro are specialized at diagnosing addiction comprehensively and delivering professional treatment to each and every patient. Take advantage of our experienced network of providers to get the help you deserve and achieve sobriety today.

Right Path Hillsboro, Oregon operates as a dual diagnosis facility with educated, experienced providers including physicians, counselors, case managers and psychiatrists that are specialized in treating the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. Targeting substance abuse and addiction on all levels makes for a more comprehensive, successful transition into sobriety. Get in touch with our network of providers to begin the discussion on recovery.

Beginning treatment at Right Path Hillsboro, Oregon allows patients to get clean without suffering from any withdrawals symptoms during the process. You or your loved one can rest and relax in our facility as a compassionate physician medically induces detoxification. Patients are monitored closely by doctors and nurses throughout the entire process to ensure your comfort and safety is number one.

Once you or your loved one is free from the constraints of physical addiction, our network of providers will work to get you into a mindset that is conducive to living day to day in sobriety. One on one counseling with a case manager is conducted to allow our network of providers to become informed on the history and severity of your addiction. 12 step programs, one on one counseling, interactive group therapy and positive coping mechanisms are used to assist patients through recovery. Positive coping mechanisms are practices that are healing, restoring, and promote cognitive awareness of emotional response. These practices include yoga, running, meditation, kayaking, hiking, and any other activities that allow patients to restore control in their life. Learning to depend on positive coping mechanisms instead of substance abuse in times of stress and temptation is a crucial aspect of recovering from addiction because it lets patients cross over from depending on the facility for support through sobriety, to depending on themselves.

Right Path Hillsboro, Oregon proudly features rolling enrollment periods for accepting new patients. Our network of providers want to ensure you or your loved one has uninhibited access to our broad selection of treatments, so low client intake in maintained. You will receive the care and attention you want and deserve from Right Path Hillsboro during addiction recovery treatment.

Join the countless individuals who are in addiction recovery and start living to your full potential by giving up substance abuse with the help of Hillsboro, Oregon. Our network of providers are specialized in assisting patients through treatment while teaching them how to live sober day to day. With no risk of withdrawals, there’s no reason to wait to start addiction recovery.
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