Achieve sobriety with Right Path Eugene, Oregon’s unparalleled network of providers. Right Path’s Eugene treatment facility works day and night to provide top of the line care and attention to our patients receiving addiction recovery at our luxurious Eugene, Oregon location. Through professional detox and rehab, sobriety can be achieved and maintained, especially with our experienced network of providers at your side.

Right Path Eugene operates differently than a normal detox center because our staff of doctors, nurses, counselors, case manager and psychiatrists operate as a dual diagnosis center. Patients at Right Path Eugene will undergo therapy and assessments for physical and psychological addiction side effects, so that our network of providers can accurately target treatment to your specific needs. To maintain personalized care, you or your loved one will meet with a case manager who will assess your addiction history and severity. Treatment options of 30, 60, or 90 day treatment programs are offered and should be selected based on severity of addiction.

To begin substance abuse recovery, patients are able to avoid withdrawals by receiving a medically administered detox from our trained, experienced doctors and nurses. You can rest comfortably as a physician induces detox, monitoring the patient for comfort and progress of detoxification. Rest assured knowing detox is simple and painless at Right Path Eugene, Oregon under the care of our experienced network of providers.

After the physical dependency on substance abuse is treated by detox, the mental ties to addiction are addressed. Our counselors and psychiatrists work with patients one on one and in group therapy to diagnose triggers and enablers for every individual. While receiving treatment at Right Path Eugene, Oregon, you will be encouraged to practice positive coping mechanisms during your stay. These practices including yoga, meditation, and hiking, are restorative and should replace substance abuse in times of stress and pressure.  Positive coping mechanisms are a crucial pillar supporting the process of achieving long term sobriety through Right Path Eugene.

Our Eugene, Oregon location features rolling enrollment periods which are used to maintain capacity limits for Right Path. Low client intake is practiced to ensure that care and services from our network of providers are distributed to our in house patients when they need it. Controlled capacity ensures you receive maximum quality of care during your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plan.

Right Path Eugene, Oregon is prepared to assist you to sobriety effectively and discreetly, so contact a case manager today within our network of providers to discuss your personalized treatment program.

Eugene, OR