Addictions of various types affect millions of people around the world every single year. Drug addiction is one of the toughest forms of addiction to defeat due to the combination of physical and mental effects, but the good news is it’s eminently beatable. Many individuals from all walks of life have closed the door on substance abuse, and most will tell you that the help and care they received from others was what got them through their times of need.

Here at Wilsonville, OR, Right Path Drug Rehab, we always remember this important principle, and we approach each and every person with the respect and understanding that they need. This has made our facility one of the most sought after centers in the area, and we count our success by the number of our graduates who go on to lead happy and full lives after leaving. Our residents will enjoy many benefits during their treatment and recovery periods, including some of the following.

A Professional and Caring Staff

At Right Path Drug Rehab Wilsonville Oregon, we believe that the success of our residents is also our success. To that end, we employ only fully qualified licensed professionals who bring compassion and an experienced eye to the table. Our doctors, psychiatrists, and counselors know that each person’s journey is different, and take care to treat all residents and their needs as unique. Our friendly staffers understand the mental, physical, and emotional toll that addiction can create, but also realize that it is a disease, not a personal failing.

Cutting Edge Detox Facilities

Whether a new resident needs a place to rid their systems of toxins or just a place for respite,Right Path Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Wilsonville, OR, has the facilities to satisfy both needs. Newly arrived individuals that need help detoxifying will be tended to by our specially trained staff who will bring the latest tools and techniques to bear for relief of symptoms. In addition to this, our administrative staff well knows the financial chaos that can surround addiction, and craft financing plans that allow our residents to heal without incurring mountains of debt.

Personalized Treatment Programs

Everyone who goes through an addiction has their own unique set of needs and circumstances to go along with it. Because of this, Wilsonville drug rehab center has recovery treatment plans that can be tailored to each person’s individual story. Whether a short term or a long term stay is necessary, we stand ready to offer firm support the whole way through.

One on One and Group Therapy

When the detoxification stage is over, it is important for those in recovery to form an understanding of the inner mental issues that could lurk behind an addiction. To this end, this addiction treatment center in WIlsonville, OR, offers both individual and group therapy sessions to all of our residents. This provides both the intimacy that can be necessary to share sensitive details, yet can also offer the opportunity to hear the stories of others. Programming such as this provides support, and shows residents that they are far from alone in their battle.

Healthy Activities

Individuals coming back from substance abuse issues can often enjoy faster recoveries if exercise is included in the rehabilitation regimen. At Right Path Drug Rehab in WIlsonville, we provide a variety of sports and other pastimes that can allow our residents to rediscover the simple joys of everyday life, and build stronger bodies at the same time.

Firm Care

Addiction can have a mind of it’s own, and our experienced counselors and physicians realize that temptations can strike at any time. They also know that the longer individuals maintain sobriety, the better they tend to feel. Because of this, Right Path has a firm drug free facility policy that is enforced fairly but with compassion. This gives residents the strength they need to say no before they reenter society.

Addiction can affect anyone at anytime, and we warmly invite anyone who needs support and a helping hand to contact Right Path Drug Abuse Treatment Center in Wilsonville,OR, now. After all, life is too short to waste.

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