RIGHT PATH DRUG REHAB in King of Prussia, PA

It is possible to have a positive experience going through addiction recovery, and treatment at Right Path King of Prussia, Pennsylvania aims to provide recovering addicts with top of the line care and attention throughout the journey to sobriety. Don’t hesitate to contact a member of our network of providers with questions regarding addiction recovery treatment from Right Path King of Prussia, available as soon as you are ready to accept treatment.

Patients that receive detox and therapy from Right Path King of Prussia, Pennsylvania are much more likely to sustain a life in sobriety because our comprehensive program is performed as dual diagnosis. Working as a dual diagnosis facility allows our network of providers to assist and address both physical and psychological attachments you or your loved one has formed to addiction. Heal yourself from the inside out with Right Path King of Prussia’s extensive recovery treatment at our luxurious facility in, where experienced doctors, nurses and case managers are waiting to help.

To deliver the most effective treatment to patients, you or your loved one will meet one on one with a case manager from our network of providers who will assess your history and severity of addiction. Since no two people experience the same trials and tribulations with their substance abuse, Right Path King of Prussia tailors personalized treatment to meet the specific needs of each and every patient during recovery.

Right Path advocates that your journey to sobriety is positive, so our network of providers specialize in ensuring you don’t experience withdrawals during the detoxification process. You or your loved one can rest and relax at Right Path King of Prussia, Pennsylvania while an experienced, compassionate physician medically induces detox. Don’t let the fear of getting clean keep you from reaching your full potential. Right Path’s medically administered detox removes the threat of withdrawals.

After patients have removed their physical attachment to addiction with detox, it’s important they gain a perspective that is conducive to sobriety. Our broad spectrum of programs for treatment include 12 step programs, one on one meetings, interactive group therapy, and positive coping mechanisms to assist in the transition to living clean with our relapse prevention tools. Patients will develop the ability to rely on positive coping mechanisms like yoga, meditation, or hiking during times of stress and temptation, instead of drugs and alcohol. These practices increase cognitive control over emotional responses in the patient. Learn to take control of your life through our selection of services during addiction recovery treatment.

Right Path King of Prussia, Pennsylvania wants to guarantee that our quality network of providers are able to provide the necessary care and attention you deserve during your treatment program. Rolling enrollment for accepting new patients is enforced to maintain a balanced number of patients in the facility.
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