Right Path Drug Rehab in Sewickley

Sewickley, PA

Take advantage of the broad spectrum of services available at Right Path Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Our network of providers are experienced and specialized in diagnosis addiction on a comprehensive level, making your journey to sobriety positive, safe, and effective. Don’t hesitate to get treatment for you or someone you love, our painless detox and personalized therapy in rehab will jumpstart your way to a brighter future.

Right Path Sewickley, Pennsylvania has had such success with our recovering patients remaining sober because we operate as a dual diagnosis facility, where your physical and psychological addiction side effects are addressed and treated. Our network of providers get to know each and every patient to administer personalized care that is respective to your addiction history and severity. Let Right Path Sewickley, Pennsylvania assist you or your loved one to a secure place in sobriety.

Beginning treatment at Right Path Sewickley, Pennsylvania starts with removing patients’ physical attachment to alcohol and drugs. You or your loved one will rest and relax as a compassionate, specialized physician walks you through the medically administered detox. There are no withdrawal symptoms to fear because the doctors and nurses monitor for comfort and safety closely throughout. Our treatment center in Sewickley, Pennsylvania can remove illicit substances from your system without any discomfort or withdrawals.

After patients are physically clean, Right Path Sewickley, Pennsylvania’s network of providers begin administering tailored treatment based on specific needs and addiction history.  Counseling is offered one on one for patients to confide in their case managers, and group interactive therapy encouragers recovering addicts to form a strong group of support within the facility. Our network of providers work to instill relapse prevention methods through 12 step programs, counseling, and positive coping mechanisms, to teach patients to remain sober in the real world. Positive coping mechanisms are practices that allow you or your loved one to identify when you’re feeling temptation or emotional distress. Learning to handle cravings with cognitive control through practices like meditation, yoga, jogging, or kayaking lets patients cross over from depending on the facility for support through sobriety, to depending on themselves. These practices have been tested and proven effective for transitioning recovering addicts from a life of substance abuser to a life of successful sobriety.

Right Path Sewickley, Pennsylvania wants to maintain the quality level of care and attention administered to those receiving treatment in our care center. Low client intake is enforced at Right Path Sewickley, Pennsylvania to ensure our doctors, nurses, counselors and treatment services are at your fingertips when you need it during your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program.

To begin the conversation on addiction recovery for yourself or someone in your life that you love, reach out to our network of providers with any questions or concerns. Sometimes, asking for professional addiction recovery treatment is the hardest part of moving on from substance abuse. Make the move today to start a better life in sobriety.
Sewickley, PA