Seeking help for a drug and alcohol addiction is hard, but sometimes finding the right treatment center could present an even bigger challenge. That is why Right Path Drug Rehab in Camp Hill, PA is here for you. We are a network of treatment providers in Camp Hill, motivated to connect you or your loved one into the best addiction treatment program available.

Right Path Drug Rehab is notable in a number of ways. Because Right Path is a network of treatment providers, we have the ability to customize an addiction treatment program to a client and his or her particular circumstances. Right Path believes that a drug and alcohol addiction hurts people in many different ways. As a result, clients are connected to treatment centers that have a limited amount of clientele. With a small client population, clients are able to acquire the needed one-on-one attention they need from professionals that will help them move on from their drug and alcohol addiction. Furthermore, as clients are connected to treatment centers on a case-by-case basis, the length of treatment varies as well. Clients may complete treatments that last for one to three months, depending on the situation of the client when he or she enters treatment.

Right Path Drug Rehab in Camp Hill seeks to help clients recover mentally and physically from a drug and alcohol addiction. Our treatment provider network connects clients to addiction treatment programs that provide drug detoxification monitored and administered by doctors and nurses in addition to therapy sessions facilitated by psychological professionals. Too often do we see treatment centers neglect the emotional harm that has also occurred with the physical damage from a substance abuse problem. That is why therapy is a valuable part of a client’s addiction treatment. Therapy is a safe space for clients to emotionally heal from an addiction, to reflect and make peace with the experiences and traumas that may have caused, and then, maintained their drug and alcohol addiction in the first place. With the guidance of psychological professionals, our clients will develop the mindset that will further help them keep their sobriety after finishing treatment.

All clients will complete relapse prevention when connected to an addiction recovery program under Right Path’s treatment provider network. Relapse prevention is a crucial part of treatment as it equips clients with the needed skills, resources, and information in order to successfully remain sober from drugs and alcohol beyond treatment. We hope for clients to live free of drugs for the rest of their lives, not just at their treatment facility.

Do not let yourself or your loved one suffer any longer under a drug and alcohol addiction. Give Right Path Drug Rehab in Camp Hill, PA a call today. You or your loved one deserves a chance to happily live without a dependency to drugs and alcohol. Right Path is confident that with our network of treatment providers in Camp Hill, you will get the help you need to overcome your substance abuse problem once and for all.

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