Right Path Drug Rehab Providence

100 N Main Street Providence, RI 02903

You don’t have to go through addiction recovery alone, our network of providers at Right Path Providence, Rhode Island are specialized in administering comprehensive, safe treatment for those  struggling with drugs and alcohol. Our network of providers are educated, compassionate individuals specialized in administering personalized treatment that fits with your lifestyle, history and severity of substance abuse.

Our facility at Right Path Providence has given countless individuals the tools and encouragement necessary to make a successful recovery from addiction. Our luxurious center in Providence, Rhode Island is equipped with top of the line services to make your stay through treatment positive and fruitful. Our physicians, nurses, counselors and case managers are able to administer dual diagnoses for our patients to comprehensively overcome the physical and psychological effects of prolonged substance abuse.

If you or your loved one has previously struggled to find success while in rehab, don’t stress. Our methods at Right Path are more specific and effective than the average treatment center because we adjust recovery based on your personal addiction history. You or your loved one can rest once in the facility while an experienced, compassionate physician medically induces detox. Patients are closely monitored throughout for comfort and safety, ensuring you don’t have to suffer from any withdrawal pains while you detoxify from drugs and alcohol. Right Path Providence, Rhode Island’s renowned medically administered detox program can remove your physical dependence on substance abuse, so you can move on to a life free of drugs, alcohol and addiction.

Following the detoxification process, its crucial patients learn how to operate day to day without substance abuse. Since no two experiences with addiction are the same, our network of providers will meet with you one on one daily to prescribe treatment that aligns with the history and severity of your addiction. 12 step programs, group interactive meetings, and positive coping mechanisms are implemented daily during treatment periods to encourage practicing relapse prevention. Positive coping mechanisms include yoga, meditation, kayaking, hiking, and other activates that can replace substance abuse during times of emotional distress. Learning to use positive coping mechanisms when feeling pressure to use lets patients cross over from depending on the facility for strength in sobriety, to depending on themselves. Right Path Providence seeks to get patients to place where they can remain sober in and out of the facility.

Right Path Providence strives to offer patients the most personalized, effective substance abuse recovery treatment available. Rolling enrollment is enforced to manage a balanced client intake. Low client intake allows for maximum care and attention to be afforded to you or your loved one during your 30, 60, or 90 day treatment period.

Our facility is currently accepting new patients that need professional assistance recovery from substance abuse. If you or someone you love needs to remove drugs or alcohol from their life, get in touch with our Right Path Providence, Rhode Island network of providers and take advantage of the broad spectrum of addiction recovery services.

100 N Main Street
Providence, RI 02903