Drug Rehab Nashville

Nashville, TN 

Right Path Drug Rehab Nashville is prepared to provide you with assistance, if you are ready to receive help. Our skilled group of professionals has helped countless individuals just like you. We understand that you may be afraid to make this change in your life. We promise you that you will be thankful you made this decision. Take advantage of this opportunity to move forward from your addiction. Sobriety is attainable!

We want to provide each and every patient of ours with comprehensive care from our network of providers. Our dual diagnosis facility accepts new patients on a rolling enrollment basis. This method of admissions helps us maintain a low capacity, which ensures a maximum quality of care from our network of providers and broad selection of services.

You will be administered care with dual diagnosis procedures. Our physicians, counselors, nurses, psychiatrists, and intake coordinators will find any underlying issues that have contributed to your addictive tendencies. We understand that addiction takes a serious toll on the body’s physical and psychological processes. Right Path Drug Rehab Nashville will successfully restore your mind, body, and soul.

It is important that we remove any possible addictive substances from your body, so that your brain can adjust to functioning without any stimulants or depressants. Your mind regulates your body’s basic functions and enables you to interpret and respond to everything you experience. We will cleanse your body with a medically assisted detox. We conduct this procedure under the supervision of your trained physician. During this process, you will be given stabilizing medications. These managed medicines will ease your symptoms of withdrawal. Once your body has been fully cleansed, we will use a variety of behavioral practices to assess your mental thinking patterns. You will engage in one on one therapy, group therapy, and family therapy sessions. You will learn how to address your personal problems, change your behavioral habits, and learn from other’s viewpoints. Let Right Path Drug Rehab Nashville make your rehabilitation comfortable and effective.

Our luxury housing accommodations are one of the many essential elements for your successful recovery. You need a stable sober surrounding in order to obtain lasting recovery. Living among other recovering individuals will ease your transitioning process.

The intensive outpatient care program we use is truly outstanding. We have put together a variety of helpful services for you to utilize. Some of these programs include our professional preparation services and relapse prevention plans. We want to show you how to find and maintain sobriety. Practicing a structured schedule will help you avoid possible chances of relapse. We strongly encourage each and every one of our patients to engage in these services. You will be given the opportunity to participate in simulated interviews, resume preparation workshops, employment search assistance seminars, and budgeting classes.

If there is a will, there is a way! Right Path Drug Rehab Nashville can help change your life for the better. Contact us, so that we can conquer your addiction!

Nashville, TN