DRUG REHAB Chattanooga, TN

Addiction can make you feel powerless and alone, but it doesn’t have to be a lifelong sentence. Our network of providers at Right Path Chattanooga, Tennessee are specialized in assisting individuals like you through treatment, onto a brighter, sober future. Out top of the line treatment options make recovering from substance abuse a positive, enlightening, painless experience. Let the caring individuals behind Right Path Chattanooga, Tennessee lead you to a better place in your life.

Right Path Chattanooga has garnered effective result from its addiction recovery program because our network of providers here operate with dual diagnosis in mind. Our counselors, case manager, physicians and psychiatrists are authorized to treat the physical and the mental aspects that can be left behind from long lasting addiction. Our powerful treatment process has helped countless individuals remove drugs and alcohol from their life for good.

Patients begin treatment by removing the physical attachment they have to substance abuse through detoxification. Right Path’s Chattanooga, Tennessee renowned medically administered detox process will allow you or your loved one to remove the drugs or alcohol from your system, without experiencing the awful symptoms of withdrawals. Patients rest and relax while an experienced compassionate physician indices detox, monitoring throughout for comfort and progress. This effective induced detox will rid your system of illicit substances, moving you forward in recovery.

Following the detoxification, patients learn how to live day to day without substance abuse, drugs or alcohol. One on one counseling with a case manager allows our network of providers to assess the severity and history of your individual addiction experience, ensuring that your recovery program is tailored to fit your specific needs. Group interactive counseling encourages that patients form a solid group of support and start a conversation on sobriety with other recovering addicts while in treatment. Patients learn to reach for positive coping mechanisms like yoga, meditation, or hiking when feeling temptation or pressure to use, restoring their confidence in sobriety through simple daily practices. Learning to depend on these positive influences while in treatment lets patients cross over from depending on our network of providers, to depending on themselves to be strong in sobriety. These methods will secure you or your loved one in a positive relationship with living clean.

Right Path Chattanooga enforces rolling enrollment periods to ensure those in the facility for 30, 60, or 90 day treatment plans have access to the broad spectrum of services when they need it. Low client intake allows our network of providers to administer comprehensive, individualized care to you or your loved one.

Remove substance abuse from your life once and for all with the effective methods of Right Path Chattanooga. Our luxurious facility has top of the line methods to eradicate addiction from patients, physically and mentally. Contact a member within our network of providers today to begin your journey to recovery and sobriety.

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