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Overcoming addiction is a positive experience when you undergo detox and rehab with Right Path Round Rock, Texas’s compassionate network of providers. Our physicians and counselors specialize in providing comprehensive addiction treatment targeted to fit your individual needs. Our case managers work one on one with patients to get to know individual histories and severities so that recovery fits exactly what you need to work on. If you or someone you love is struggling to remove drugs and alcohol from daily life, let the professional addiction recovery program at Right Path Round Rock, Texas assist you to lasting sobriety.

Right Path Round Rock, Texas is different from your average addiction recovery center. Our network of providers are able to provide dual diagnosis for all patients receiving treatment, and you will be enrolled in a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program depending on what’s right for you. During your stay, your individual physical attachment to substances will be erased with a medically induced detox, and psychological addiction patterns will be broken with comprehensive recovery therapy. Our facility understands addiction, and we want to provide the best recovery care available to you or your loved one through our capable network of providers.

Treatment begins by removing the patient’s physical attachment to drugs or alcohol. A medically administered detox is induced by an experienced physician while you or your loved one rests comfortable in our facility. Your comfort and safety during detox are our number one concerns, so patients are thoroughly monitored throughout the entire process by knowledgeable doctors and nurses. Rest assured you’re in safe, capable hands while going through detoxification and treatment at Right Path Round Rock, Texas.

Detox removes the patient’s physical cravings for drugs or alcohol, while therapy is used to erase usage patterns and the psychological effects left from prolonged substance abuse. Counseling with our supportive network of providers will help Right Path Round Rock, Texas assess your progress through treatment. Group interactive counseling is used to help patients from strong systems of support with other recovering addicts during their substance abuse treatment. Patients will learn to rely on positive coping mechanisms to prevent using drugs and alcohol when feeling temptation or pressure. Positive coping mechanisms include meditation, yoga, hiking and other activities that promote cognitive awareness and control. Take back control of your life with our tested effective treatment services and practices.

Right Path Round Rock, Texas implements rolling enrollment periods for accepting new patients. This allows our providers to ensure the necessary tools and services are at your disposal. Private accommodations, private chefs, and personalized care come with your treatment plan. Low capacity intake helps us to administer the most thorough, comprehensive care available.
If you or someone you love needs professional assistance to overcome substance abuse, don’t wait. Call now to discuss treatment options and coverage assessment. Our facility in Round Rock, Texas wants to help you reach sobriety, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions and concerns.

1104 S Mays Street
Round Rock, TX 78664