Right Path Drug Rehab Houston

Houston, TX 

Is someone in your life struggling to get past a life-threatening addiction? Do you need professional addiction recovery to help you start a sober, successful life? Our network of providers at Right Path Houston, Texas are experienced in providing addiction recovery treatment to individuals who are struggling with substance abuse. Take a step towards a brighter future and let our network of providers in Houston help you or your loved one with addiction.

Right Path’s dual diagnosis facility in Houston, Texas allows both physical addiction, as well as mental and emotional issues, to be diagnosed by our doctors and psychiatrists to better understand each patients’ addiction history and severity. Treatment periods are in 30, 60, or 90 day periods, so talk with your case manager and decide which treatment period would best suit your personal addiction recovery needs.

Rehab and detox are different in Right Path’s Houston, Texas dual diagnosis facility. Many who struggle with substance abuse and addiction fear detoxing because of the possibility of withdrawals. At Right Path, our network of providers are practiced in medically administering detox. This way, patients can rest comfortably while their systems are cleaned of substances. With a clean body, patients can start their rehabilitation process with one on one and group counseling services.

Our counselors and psychiatrists at Right Path Houston encourage patients to take part in using positive coping mechanisms to fight off stress and pressure and maintain sobriety in and out of the treatment center. For relapse prevention, Right Path’s network of providers encourage meditation, yoga, kayaking, hiking, and other restorative activities that can work as positive coping mechanisms. As patients spend more time in the facility, these coping mechanisms become second nature and replace substance abuse. One on one therapy allows treatment to be tailored and adjusted to fit each patient perfectly, and group therapy connects recovering addicts with each other, building a large system of support at the facility for our patients.

Right Path Houston, Texas practices balanced, rolling enrollments, which controls admittance to the facility based on capacity and resources. Low client intake ensures our network of providers can properly allocate and individualize Right Path Houston’s resources and time to every patient enrolled.

Trust that Right Path’s network of providers can and will get you or your loved one the best addiction recovery treatment available. Our luxurious, state of the art center in Houston, Texas is administering immediate care, so make the call to get substance abuse recovery treatment from Right Path Houston’s network of  providers today.

Houston, TX