Right Path Drug Rehab Dallas

1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy. Dallas, TX 75201

If you or someone you love is seeking professional addiction treatment, Right Path Drug rehabilitation Center in Dallas, Texas is connected with a network of providers experienced and understanding in the field of medical, mental, and physical addiction recovery treatment. Get in contact with one of our case managers today and discuss how substance abuse recovery can change your life today. You and your loved one’s deserve a future free of substance abuse, so take advantage of Right Path’s successful addiction recovery treatment.

Many of those suffering with substance abuse problems are worried about the withdrawal symptoms that can occur when going through detox. Our network of providers connected to Right Path Dallas, Texas are trained and experienced in medically administering detox to those in need of addiction recovery services. You can rest comfortably knowing doctors and nurses are monitoring progress while your system is clean of addictive substances with our medically induced detox process.

Our network of providers including doctors, psychologists, counselors and case managers are driven to get to know your patients to administer comprehensive, individualized care to our patients. Group therapy sessions and one on one counseling is provided to allow recovering addicts the opportunity to support each other during their journey to sobriety.

Right Path’s Dallas facility in Texas is luxurious and equipped with a broad spectrum of services for substance abuse recovery. Staying in our Dallas, Texas facility will allow you to be removed from your site of drug abuse, and makes relapse more difficult while receiving treatment. Staying in our Dallas facility removes the stresses of enablers and peer pressure from your recovery, letting you solely focus your attention on recovery and self-control.

A plethora of positive coping mechanisms are encouraged by the network of providers at Right Path. Replacing substance abuse during stress or anger with positive coping mechanisms teaches patients how to remove drugs from their life, using healthy ways to manage stress instead. Yoga, hiking, kayaking, meditating, and day trips are frequently used in our Dallas, Texas facility as positive coping mechanisms promoting restoring and healing.

To ensure all patients in our Dallas, Texas Right Path facility are personally given the care and treatment necessary, a low capacity principle is exercised upon intake. Our balanced enrollment while you gain treatment in our Dallas facility guarantees that the resources you need are available when you need them. Private accommodations allow our patients a place to personally reflect, and we provide a private chef for our patients to ensure all they worry about is addiction recovery.

If you or someone you love needs professional addiction recovery, contact our network of providers from Right Path Dallas to start you down the road to recovery.

1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy.
Dallas, TX 75201