Right Path Drug Rehab Austin

Austin, TX 

If you or someone you love needs professional assistance in getting sober, know that Right Path’s Austin, Texas facility works with a network of providers who are experts in addiction recovery and have helped many overcome addiction and begin a new, successful life in sobriety. Our physicians, counselors, psychiatrists and doctors are compassionate, understanding individuals with extensive experience in addiction recovery treatment. Right Path has a variety of services available to aid in making substance abuse recovery as easy and stress free as possible.

Right Path Austin, Texas‘s facility allows for patients to detox without going into withdrawals. Our network of providers are trained in administering medically induced detox, so that the patient rests comfortably as they are monitored by a doctor. The medically induced detox removes the substances from their system, no withdrawals involved, leaving them clean and revived.

Therapy in group sessions and one on one sessions with a counselor are a daily aspect of rehabilitation at Right Path Austin, Texas. We help our patients adjust to facing the stresses and triggers in the real world to ensure they are strong and have the will power to say no to relapse after treatment. Our counselors and network of providers encourage positive coping mechanisms like hiking, yoga, meditation, and daily therapy.  These activities become crutches that replace substance abuse resulting from stress and cravings.

Our Austin, Texas Right Path Drug Rehab removes you or your loved one from the environment in which they are abusing substances, making relapse a more difficult thing to achieve. Living in the facility reinforces the principles patients gain through counseling, 12 step programs, and self-control from our broad spectrum of services. Right Path Austin can provide you or your loved one with comprehensive, professional medical, physical, and emotional addiction recovery treatment, so don’t hesitate to speak with our network of providers today about the substance abuse problems in your life.

Private accommodations and chef services are offered in our luxurious, state of the art facility at Austin for our patients. Right Path Austin wants to ensure that all you have to worry about during your stay is building self-control and managing addictive tendencies. Case managers are available around the clock to support you in your journey to recovery.

Right Path Austin, Texas features a low capacity based intake, allowing every patient to receive the maximum necessary care, attention and resources in the Austin, Texas addiction recovery facility.  Our network of providers makes allocating personalized, comprehensive physical and mental treatment to our patients at Austin. Take advantage of the quality treatment programs offered for 30, 60, or 90 day treatment period.

Let the educated, experienced network of providers working for Right Path help you get addiction recovery treatment in our Austin, Texas facility. Receive medical physical and mental diagnosis in our dual diagnosis center in Austin and start your life over today.

Austin, TX