Commit to professional substance abuse recovery at Right Path South Jordan, Utah and begin living the life you deserve. Drug and alcohol abuse tears your dreams from your hands, so reclaim control over your life and achieve the future you deserve with our specialized network of providers trained in addiction recovery and relapse prevention. Right Path South Jordan can make addiction recovery a positive, uplifting experience, so give our case managers a call today and begin discussing your future sobriety.

Addiction recovery at Right Path South Jordan, Utah is proven to be more effective and successful than your average rehab center because our facility practices as a dual diagnosis addiction treatment center. Our network of providers work day in and day out to ensure both our patients’ physical and psychological addiction problems are absolved. Through a broad spectrum of services including 12 step programs, one on one therapy, group counseling, and more, our network of providers at Right Path South Jordan can make your dream of sobriety a reality in just a few short weeks.

Get clean, but leave withdrawals behind when you receive treatment for detox at Right Path South Jordan, Utah. With our renowned medically administered detox program, patients of Right Path South Jordan, Utah are able to comfortably relax as an experienced physician induces detox and monitors their vitals, keeping you safe and comfortable.

Our network of providers ensure you are secure in your sobriety by customizing one on one and group therapy sessions to fit your specific addiction history and severity. The latest in relapse prevention methods are shared with our patients along with our 12 step and group counseling programs to provide the most comprehensive of treatment options. While staying in a 30, 60, or 90 day treatment program at Right Path South Jordan, patients are taught to replace substance abuse from stress or temptation from enablers with positive coping mechanisms. These positive coping mechanisms include meditation, hiking, yoga, and other activates that promote self-awareness and relapse prevention. Achieving the control to choose a positive coping mechanism over substance abuse is a major step on the journey to lifelong sobriety.

A low capacity for patient admittance is enforced at Right Path South Jordan to make sure that our services and network or providers are allocated to our in house patients when they need it. Low client intake in our addiction recovery center in South Jordan, Utah ensures you or your loved one is receiving the maximum quality care at all times during your treatment program.

Call Right Path South Jordan, Utah today, a case manager would be happy to discuss treatment options for your specific addiction history and severity. Our network of providers have lead countless individuals to sobriety. You can get clean too, through our comprehensive substance abuse treatment program.

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