Many people underestimate what someone has to go through when they decide to do something about their substance addiction. It’s not as easy as stopping and staying far away from the substance they are addicted to. In reality, once someone has developed an addiction to a particular drug or alcohol, they have altered their minds biochemistry. Prior to developing the addiction, their brain would produce a normal amount of dopamine or pleasure neurotransmitters. The consumption of drugs or alcohol replaced those neurotransmitters which eventually lower the amount of dopamine the brain releases on its own. There for their brain isn’t functioning properly without these substances. This will also cause addicts to develop psychological issues. That is why it is important to get you or your loved one to a drug rehab center or alcohol addiction recovery facility so they could safely recover.

Now what many also fail to understand is how difficult it is in finding a treatment facility that specialize in treating the substance addiction they may be suffering from. In order to successfully sober up and keep up with their sobriety, they will not only need the proper care, but they will also need a solid support network. At Right Path Roanoke Virginia, we have witnessed many people who defer their sobriety because they don’t want to hassle calling different treatment facilities trying to find one that will help them. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to create a network of treatment centers that specialize in drug and alcohol addiction. 

So if you are serious about getting better, all you have to do is contact us at Roanoke Virginia Right Path and we will take care of everything for you. You will be in contact with our intake specialist that have been trained to understand all the different substance addictions out there and they will match you with a recovery center that will provide you with the high level of care geared to treating your specific addiction. Right Path Drug Rehab Roanoke Virginia will handle all the necessary paperwork to ensure you are eligible to receive treatment.

As a network that provides quality care to those struggling with substance addiction, we have screened all the facilities to ensure they will provide their patients with intensive outpatient treatment programs. That means that their patients will live in homes outside of the facility, but will be part of an effective and comprehensive treatment schedule. All the facilities under Right Path Roanoke Virginia‘s network offer medical administered detox to help rehabilitate your brain to produce dopamines normally. Also, they all provide a dual diagnosis treatment for those who have developed psychological issues from the substances they have abused. There will be a number of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, case managers and counselors on site to ensure your successful recovery.

Everyone that has gone through Right Path Roanoke Virginia network for care, won’t have to worry about a thing. Because we are advocates of social modes of care, we will provide housing, meals and transportation to and from the facility. We’re ready to help you if you’re ready to help yourself.

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