Are withdrawals and the struggle to remain strong keeping you from reaching sobriety? Right Path Bremerton, Washington is equipped with the top of the line technology to make addiction recovery as simple and effective as possible. Our treatment is customized to personally fit each patient’s addiction because no two personal histories are the same. Give yourself the time and services to get well and remove substance abuse from your life. Right Path Bremerton, Washington’s network of providers are specialized in top of the line substance abuse recovery

Right Path Bremerton operates as a dual diagnosis facility, where our trained network of providers are able to professional diagnose medical physical and psychological effects of addiction for our patients. Beginning your stay, patients meet with a case manager who works to understand your personal addiction history to prescript treatment based on severity of substance abuse. 30, 60, or 90 day treatment lengths are offered to accommodate your specific recovery needs. Right Path Bremerton, Washington’s network of providers are educated and experienced in utilizing our broad spectrum of services to make your recovery as smooth and positive as possible.

You or your loved one can completely avoid withdrawals while receiving detox in our facility to get the drugs or alcohol out of your system. Patients can relax while a compassionate, experienced physician administers the medically induced detox process. Nurses and doctors closely monitor patients throughout to manage comfort and progress during the detoxification.

To secure our patients in the sober mindset. One on one therapy and group counseling are conducted every day at Right Path Bremerton with our psychiatrists and case managers. We encourage our patients to bond with the other recovering addicts in the facility to form a strong system of support in sobriety that will remain after the treatment program. Our focus for those receiving treatment in our facility is to prepare them to live without drugs or alcohol in and out of the addiction recovery program. Consistent therapy meetings with our network of providers allows Right Path to recognize your personal substance abuse cycles and apply treatment like 12 step programs and positive coping mechanisms to combat addition and cravings. Positive coping mechanisms like meditation, yoga, and hiking are encouraged at Right Path Bremerton, Washington so that you or your loved one can learn to replace substance abuse in times of stress and pressure with these uplifting practices. Learning to depend on positive influences rather than substance abuse in times of temptation lets patients cross over from depending on our facility, to depending on themselves to stay strong in sobriety.

Right Path Bremerton, Washington upholds a rolling enrollment period for those seeking addiction recovery in our facility. We control capacity and keep it low to ensure our patients receive the top of the line care and attention they deserve from Right Path, as soon as they need it. Our network of providers guarantee your addiction recovery treatment will be comprehensive and personalized to fit the struggles in your past and the dreams of your future.

Contact a case manager within our network of providers today to begin the discussion on substance abuse recovery treatment. Accepting professional help can be a difficult step, but our network of providers at Right Path Bremerton, Washington will make your journey to sobriety positive, discreet and effective.

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