Tired of dealing with a drug and alcohol addiction? Confused about where to find the best help? Right Path Drug Rehab in Bellevue, WA is here for you. We are a network of treatment providers, ready to connect you or your loved one to the best addiction treatment program available. Here at Right Path, we believe that everyone has the right to live a sober and happy life.

Our network of treatment providers in Bellevue believes that struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction is unique to every individual. That is why Right Path aims to personalize each addiction treatment program that is connected to a client. Right Path enrolls clients into treatment centers that have a limited amount of clientele. The small client population ensures that clients will be receiving the 1-on-1 attention they require in order to fully overcome their drug and alcohol addiction once and for all. Furthermore, because we enroll clients on a case-by-case basis, the length of treatment varies as well. Clients may stay for one, two, or three months, all determined by the client and the circumstances surrounding that client upon entering treatment.

Right Path seeks to help clients heal mentally, physically, and spiritually from a drug and alcohol addiction. We see too often addiction treatment programs solely focus on the physical effects from a substance abuse problem, increasing a client’s likelihood in relapsing back into drugs and alcohol. Right Path’s network of treatment providers supply not only drug detoxification monitored and administered by doctors and nurses, but also therapy sessions led by psychological professionals. The therapy sessions give our clients the opportunity to self-reflect, to identify and make peace with the emotional traumas and experiences that may have caused and/or sustained their drug and alcohol addiction in the first place. Ultimately, we hope clients will see that they do have the ability to take control of their life again and not let a drug and alcohol addiction rule their lives any longer.

To help our clients reach their ultimate goal of attaining long-term sobriety from drugs and alcohol, the treatment programs we connect our clients to provide relapse prevention. Relapse prevention is an important aspect of a client’s addiction treatment as it equips our clients with the information, support, and resources needed to take what they learned during treatment and apply it. We wish for clients to remain sober for the rest of their lives, not just under the direct supervision of the staff and professionals at their treatment facility.

You or your loved one does not have to deal with a drug and alcohol addiction any longer. Give Right Path Drug Rehab in Bellevue, WA a call today and see why many clients find success with the treatment programs we connect our clients to. We are confident that with our network of treatment providers, we will find you or your loved one the addiction treatment program that will help end your substance abuse problem for good. 

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