Right Path Huntington West Virginia is a network of healthcare providers that specialize in treating drug and alcohol addiction. We are affiliated with numerous of the facilities that are ready to provide a high level of care to those seeking help. While these facilities specialize in treating addictions, we specialize in helping those struggling with their addiction find the right treatment center.

All of the facilities under Huntington West Virginia Right Path drug rehab network will be completely taken care of. We only associate with treatment centers that provide social modes of care because we believe that type will ensure a successful recovery and long term sobriety. Each network provides intensive out patient care. That means patient living space is separate from the actual treatment facility. Right Path Huntington West Virginia network of providers offer medically assisted detox. With a medically induced detox, doctors and nurses are able to monitor you throughout your treatment to ensure your mind slowly breaks away from its dependence from the substance you were abusing. We know that addiction is more than someone using, in reality their mind and body have created a need for the drug to function so having a safe medically administered detox will help your brain produce the proper levels of dopamine to successfully overcome your physical addiction.

After detoxification period is completed, you will meet with your personal psychiatrist, counselor and case manager prior to beginning your relapse prevention program to create your own personalized schedule. All of the recovery centers in Right Path Huntington West Virginia network provide a low relapse rate because they all strategically provide each patient with a comprehensive daily schedule. They meet with their counselor and psychiatrist on a weekly basis to work on deeper and personal issues. This will give you the chance to find the root cause of your addiction or iron out any mental disabilities you may have developed during your drug use. Every day you will partake in group sessions which will help you accept your addiction, understand what you’re going through and learn from other experiences. Also, constantly being involved with groups will teach you how to work with others. This is why we are firm believers in social modes of care. By having you live in luxurious homes with your peers, you will gain a sense of working with others. Living outside of the facility will also make the transition out of treatment much smoother and successful.

Right Path Huntington West Virginia and our network of providers know that it can get overwhelming dealing with your recovery so they will provide other positive coping mechanisms throughout your treatment. Your relapse prevention program will include a free gym membership so you can keep your body healthy. Another positive coping mechanism you will partake in is weekly outdoor activities. One week you may go to the beach and another you may go on a scenic hike. All of these coping mechanism will not only help you get your mind off of recovering but it will also show you that it is possible to have fun while staying sober.
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