Right Path Drug Rehab Green Bay

310 W Walnut Street Green Bay, WI 54303

Right Path Green Bay, Wisconsin addiction recovery center has an experience network of providers and individuals trained in the most effective substance abuse and addiction recovery treatment. Let our experienced network of providers help you or your loved one overcome substance abuse now with comprehensive treatment at the top of the line Right Path facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Right Path Green Bay, Wisconsin has helped countless individuals begin a new life of sobriety through our time tested treatment methods. Our dual diagnosis center acknowledges that addiction is a disease that effects both the mind and the body. After patents are medically administered detox, they are monitored closely by a doctors who carefully eliminates drugs from the patient’s system while the patient rests comfortably. You or your loved one can finally get clean without suffering through any symptoms of withdrawals.

After patients are physically clean of substances, they go through a rigorous course of group and one on one counseling sessions. Rehab after detoxing reinforces positive practices that encourage living sober. Practicing positive coping mechanisms in the Green Bay facility encourage patients to develop clean, healthy habits. Case managers and therapists work to get to know each patient and administer customized treatment programs. Patients are offered 30, 60, or 90 day treatment programs depending on the severity and history of a patients’ addiction.

Our top of the line facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin practices low intake to ensure our patents receive maximum care. Capped enrollment at Right Path Green Bay allows our network of providers to treat a balanced number of patients at once. We make sure all have access to the restoring, healing care of Right Path Green Bay at all times during their stay. Receiving treatment away from triggers in our Green Bay, Wisconsin location puts you or your loved one in a safe, secure environment away from, the stresses and triggers of home. You or your loved one can focus solely on the journey to sobriety while staying for treatment.

Each patient receives private accommodation and a personalized treatment program tailored to their addiction history. Right Path’s network of providers are educated in professional medical, physical and emotional addiction recovery, removing addiction and temptation from all aspects of your life.

310 W Walnut Street
Green Bay, WI 54303