Right Path Drug Rehab Madison

Madison, WI 

Right Path Madison Wisconsin is a network of drug rehab and treatment centers that treat various addictions. Whether its alcohol or drugs, we are here to find the right treatment center for you. We are firm believers that one can finally reach sobriety and stay sober if they get the right quality of care. We also know that once one admits to their addiction, finding the perfect treatment center can be a hassle and even slow their momentum to getting clean. That is where we step in.

At Right Path Madison Wisconsin, our staff of trained intake coordinators gets to know each and every patient that comes our way. We do this to better know their addiction and situation. From there, our coordinators will find the right addiction treatment center under our network. When our coordinators find the perfect drug rehab center for you, we go out of our way to cover transportation to and from the center; one less thing you have to worry about when trying to find treatment.

Each and every rehab center under our network is dual diagnosis. That means they all aim to resolve both your physical and mental addiction. Also, our dual diagnosis centers aim to help you overcome any issues you have developed during your substance addiction or any mental issues you have that caused your addiction. It is our mission at Right Path Drug Rehab Madison Wisconsin to help you overcome your addiction the right way.

To ensure that your physical addiction is taken care of as well, all of the drug rehabs in our network offer medical induced detox. We understand how difficult it is to withdraw from any addiction, which is why we provide a medically administered detox program so you can withdraw successfully. To ensure safety, each patient is monitored every hour by registered nurses as well as doctors. 

Once detox is completed, each individual will continue onto their own personalized addiction treatment program. This entails intimate one on one session with your own psychiatrist, daily group session with your peers and therapeutic outings that will help you to clear your mind. We believe that allowing you to openly talk about your situations will aid in finding and treating the root cause of your addiction. Also, this will help you work out any issues you may have developed from your substance abuse. Also, all the drug rehabs under Right Path Madison Wisconsin network provide luxurious living places for you to stay in during your treatment. The homes will be equipped with all the necessities needed during your 30, 60 or 90 day stay. They will also provide all meals which will be prepared by an in house chef. 

Madison Wisconsin Right Path Drug Rehab Network believes that by providing everything you need, it will allow you to solely focus on your recovery. We know that it can be stressful being in a drug rehab center, so we will provide all basic necessities to help you successfully get through your addiction treatment. Don’t let your substance abuse take over your life, call Right Path Madison Wisconsin today to get checked into a drug rehab center under our network and let us help change your life for the better.

Madison, WI