Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

When you’re looking for an addiction treatment program, outpatient programs tend to seem very alluring. They allow more flexibility during recovery and the treatment process, which enables school, work, and home responsibilities to continue while recovering from an addiction. Not every client is a candidate for outpatient programs though. Educated and experienced case managers work with each client to determine the addiction history and severity of substance abuse before recommending which type of program will work best.

Once it has been determined that you’re a good candidate for outpatient treatment, you may have some questions as to what the treatment process will entail at the drug rehab center. These types of programs generally require at least six to nine hours of treatment per week and sometimes extend up to twenty hours per week. The duration of the program can last from a few months to a year, or even longer. It really depends on each client’s severity of addiction. There are different types of outpatient programs, so it’s important to find the one that is right for your lifestyle. Right Path Drug Rehab’s helpful intake coordinators are skilled at placing our clients into the right program for their needs.

Intensive outpatient programs are perfect for clients who have just finished an inpatient treatment program. It allows them to begin to gain a sense of personal freedom and responsibility while being monitored and supported in their recovery. Clients are generally allowed to search for a job, take classes, go to therapy, and attend group meetings in this type of program. Partial hospitalization programs are more structured and intense. These programs are perfect for clients who need more supervision and constant support to remain sober. They usually meet with a counselor and attend group therapy for 5-7 hours per day, 5 days a week.

These types of programs are critical to maintaining sustained sobriety because most people do not benefit from a short amount of treatment before having to “fly solo.” Approaching addiction as a lifelong, chronic, relapsing brain disease shows us that there is no “amount” of treatment that is enough. During outpatient treatment, clients work with counselors and in group therapy sessions to create strategies for recovery. Changing or learning how to deal with these issues in the brain takes quite a bit of time.

At Right Path Drug Rehab, we offer a wide variety of addiction treatment program options for our clients. Everyone who enrolls with us receives a customized drug rehab program at our luxury drug rehab center. From detox to inpatient treatment and outpatient programs, we are able to place each client into the right program for his or her needs. Contact a helpful intake coordinator today, and learn about all of the options we have for those struggling with addiction.

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