5 Reasons People Use Substances

There are so many reasons why someone would abuse drugs and alcohol. Narrowing down why people use substances excessively is a whole other story. What leads to addiction usually starts as recreation, self-medication, or desperation. Often it is for a different reason that the individual takes drugs in the first place, and then they get addicted to them over time. Below are five reasons people use drugs and alcohol that are intrinsically related to the disease of addiction. If you are dependent on any substance, please call Right Path Drug Rehab to find the perfect drug rehab center for your particular addiction, situation, and needs.

Genetic Predisposition

According to David Linden of John Hopkins University, addiction is related to genetics by 40 percent. Almost half of what makes someone a drug addict or alcoholic is found in their DNA. Having no control over excessivity has people who try drugs only once get addicted to them immediately, or disregard the fact that they could get addicted to the drug if they continue using it. This is perhaps the number one reason why people use substances to feel good. Those with a high risk of addiction always end up in an addiction treatment facility if they give in to the urge to use drugs.


Another key reason for substance abuse is self-medication. Nearly half of all addictions concern an underlying mental illness. Often depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mental health problems are self-medicated with drugs and alcohol. Escapism is the main culprit here. Struggling to bear everyday life with a mental disorder is difficult, and people often turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate the pain and get them through the day. Mental health issues are treated at substance abuse centers that offer dual diagnosis treatment.

Lack of Life Fulfillment

If you aren’t satisfied with your life then, naturally, you desire to make it more exciting. Feeling empty or uninspired often leads to the experimentation of drugs in an attempt to experience new things and have new stories to tell. Instead of turning to drug abuse when you feel emptiness in your life, the real solution would be to take up a hobby, a craft, or get interested in an esoteric pastime.

Prescribed By a Doctor

People use the drugs doctors give them. If you prescribed a drug after a surgery or for continuous pain, you will probably take what the professional says you should take. Often powerful opioids are overprescribed, and abused by both people with a prescription and people without one. Just because you are taking the drug legally with a prescription does not mean you won’t get addicted to it if used consistently over an extended period of time. It is always best to exercise extreme caution when prescribed a drug. Many people are getting addicted to lethal substances without even knowing it.

In Attempts to Relieve Stress

Americans work hard. Harder than most countries in the world. We have been socialized to give everything to our work if we want to succeed. This often leads to stressful lives full of anxiety and subsequent depression. Stress is often quieted by a prescription drug, but people also drink and use illegal drugs to escape the impending stress of the work week. Binge drinking over two or three days can not only lead to addiction but to devastating health issues that people who drink moderately don’t experience.

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, call Right Path Drug Rehab today to set up a consultation with an addiction recovery center near you. Don’t wait!

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