How Heroin Brought HIV to Indiana

The heroin epidemic in the USA continues to ruin and claim lives. Indiana is one of the states that has felt the variety of effects that come with heroin addiction. Drug-related deaths in Indiana have been on the rise for the past several years. Indystar reports that the rate of deaths in Indiana was 16 for every 100,000 residents for the years 2011-2013, making it number 15 on a list of the highest overdose rates. The over-dependence on prescription painkillers is the leading cause of opioid abuse across the United States. The services of a drug rehab center can help an addict get rid of their dependence.


The Rising Cases of HIV

Heroin abuse, with its reckless behavior of needle sharing and promiscuous sex, has seen cases of HIV infections rising exponentially in Indiana. The town of Austin, Indiana released some shocking statistics when almost 200 people were diagnosed with HIV. In the town of 4,000 residents, it was found that 190 were living with the virus. In February 2015 there were 30 confirmed cases and a month later the number was up to 55. The epidemic in Scott County is getting out of hand, and the reason is that addiction is still prevalent. Currently, the highest cases are from addicts of liquid Opana, a prescription drug. These statistics of HIV-positive residents are fueled by the sharing of needles among addicts. Apart from HIV, there has been an outbreak of diseases like Hepatitis-C.


The Clean Needle Program is one avenue that the authorities are taking to help the residents of Austin. This works by addicts turning in dirty needles to get clean ones in return. By doing this, the region hopes to reduce the number of infectious diseases. It is also an excellent chance to avail the services of a drug rehab facility as a drug addict comes in for a clean needle. By offering therapy and counseling, drug addicts can begin the path towards recovery.


The need to do more to address the addiction crisis in Indiana is unmistakable. Addiction treatment programs have become more necessary than ever. The use of prescription medication for recreational purposes is one aspect that requires addressing. Before getting to the hard substances like heroin, users start small, and that is where the problem lies. The professionals at a drug rehab clinic have different programs that can help you recover from prescription drug abuse. The state must also establish tracking strategies for painkiller use.


Finding Treatment


Heroin addiction can devastate lives, but with the proper help, it is possible to curb the menace. Finding a suitable addiction treatment center is the first step of the recovery journey. Indiana has a selection of public and private treatment programs. Anyone looking for an addiction recovery center should weigh the advantages that every option offers. The best way to do that is to examine the range of treatment options available and the recovery experts on staff. Treatment for drug addiction is only as good as the people providing it.


The cost of addiction treatment is another obstacle that most people cite when considering the services of an addiction recovery facility. State-funded facilities provide affordable rehab services without compromising the quality of care. Drug addicts and their loved ones also have the option of choosing outpatient services or residential care from a substance abuse center.


Implementing government programs is a good course of action to take but recovery is dependent on the individual. Preventing the continuing upward trend of HIV infections means handling the root of the matter and that is opioid abuse through injection. Encouraging substance addiction facility treatment as part of their needle exchange programs can contribute to that greatly.


If you or anyone you know is struggling with heroin addiction, please call Right Path Drug Rehab so we can set up a consultation at the perfect addiction recovery center for the matters at hand.

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