How to Locate an Addict’s Secret Stash

Drug addiction affects more than 23 million people in the United States. Therefore, it is highly likely that you are in contact with a drug addict or alcoholic as a family member or friend. It is imperative that your loved one be treated by a well-trained addiction recovery center. Drug rehab facilities also offer family therapy for those in need. If they happen to live in your home, monitoring the addicted person’s behaviors, you will have to constantly be on the lookout for their stash. An addict’s personal stash is a container of drugs that the person keeps somewhere they can have immediate access to it. Unfortunately, it may end up being somewhere in your home or vehicle if the person lives with you. Someone dependent on substances does not think with the correct frame of mind in the midst of addiction. Therefore, that person will not think about whether you will get in trouble for having their stash in your home. You will have to protect yourself by conducting regular checks for the stash. If you find drugs, it is perfect opportunity to talk to them about entering a substance abuse treatment facility. The following are some tips for finding the the drugs:


Search While the Addicted Person Is Not at Home


The best time to search for a stash is when the person is not at home. That way, you can avoid any attempted diversions or protests. If it is your house, you have every right to search its contents to ensure that no incriminating items are on the premises. It also gives you the opportunity to check places you wouldn’t be able to get to while the individual is there.


Check the Cracks and Crevices


Always check the cracks and crevices. Some persons are smarter than others when it comes to hiding their paraphernalia. Some people place their items underneath the carpets, between mattresses or in cabinets where no one is likely to go. Check every thin, tiny place drugs could fit into.


Check in Creative Areas


You will also want to check creative areas like a battery compartments of a radio, portable television, in the top of the toilet, or in a childhood toy. The addicted person may try to disguise the stash as a food item in the fridge or freezer. Leave no item unturned because people addicted to drugs can come up with some highly creative places to hide their substances.


Check Inside the Person’s Clothing


The clothing is another place that you might find a secret stash. You should inspect all pants, shirts, book bags, jackets and the like. It is appropriate to search your home at least once a week to ensure that you are not harboring paraphernalia or drugs. If you do find something, you must use a compassionate and empathetic system of approach.


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