The Culture of Punk Rock & Its Relationship to Addiction Denial

The spirit of punk rock has always been characterized by detest of authority coupled with an individuality that often leads to opinionated and often self-righteous behavior. Thinking you’re right is a huge aspect of drug addiction denial. In addition, resisting conformity promotes the punk drug addict’s hate for the 12-step program, which emphasizes the need of a higher power, as well as a loathing for the systematic recovery process in general. But, if you are of this opinion, it is unanimous in the recovery community that experienced, caring assistance is imperative to break an addiction. Please call us today to enroll in the ideal drug rehab center for you or your loved one’s situation.

The ethos of living free and dying young characterized in the Circle Jerks’ classic song pervades the culture. The idea that the only life worth living is that of extreme pleasure and fulfillment is characteristic of what it means to be punk. Living by your own rules, doing whatever it is that you want to do, goes hand in hand with drug addiction and denial.

If an individual gets into drugs through music or the culture that surrounds it, it is likely that they use drugs in the spirit of the ideology. They will tell themselves that this life is what they want until they hit rock bottom with overwhelming pain and hardship. The feeling of total control that goes along with living your life the way you choose is directly related to why it is difficult for punk rockers to kick their habits, even after they show that they want to do so. They might believe that they can stop anytime they choose, but they simply aren’t choosing to do so. Choose to get clean now by enrolling in an addiction recovery facility today.

Accepting that they need help is difficult for any punk because they strive to have complete autonomy over their life. Admitting that they can’t kick their drug addiction alone is an innately humbling thing for someone that feels strongly in their beliefs.

Additionally, music and drugs are undoubtedly inseparable. Naturally, punk rock culture is built around the music, which unforgivingly promotes drug use amongst a broader political and social message. The exception, however, is the division of straight edge culture within punk rock, a subculture within a subculture, that promotes sober living, abstinence from all drugs & alcohol, and even promiscuous sex. Here, punk rock defiance goes beyond the original culture and defies even their own tribe. Thus, whatever you are into as a punk, you will take it to the full extreme. You will live your life exactly how you want, regardless of what anyone tells you.

If you or anyone you know is in denial their addiction, please call Right Path Drug Rehab so we can set you or your loved one up with an approachable addiction treatment center that won’t alienate anyone’s beliefs, and instead accept clients for everything that they are.

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