Battling HIV in Addiction Recovery

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 8 percent of the people who contracted HIV in 2010 got the virus from using drugs intravenously. Often, those shooting up meth or heroin will share needles to save money. This is an inevitable way of spreading the disease. If one of the people sharing needles has the virus, then it is extremely likely that the rest of the people taking part will get it as well. A batch of contaminated drugs also puts those using at risk of contracting HIV and other harmful health complications. Other times, people with the virus engage in unprotected sex that leads to the other person contracting HIV. Sex with multiple partners also puts someone at high risk of acquiring the virus. The various behavioral changes or drug use are often associated with HIV due to the reckless and impulsive nature of substance abuse.

Dealing with HIV is always difficult and costly, but it is especially challenging when you’re going through addiction recovery at a drug rehab center. Furthermore, if you have HIV and have not undergone treatment for your dependence, please call Right Path Drug Rehab to ensure that you are connected with the addiction recovery facility that best meets your specific needs.

With the experienced assistance of a substance abuse treatment facility, you can not only overcome your drug addiction, you can start the necessary medication for HIV treatment. Though those who have contracted HIV may not have visible symptoms, they are unavoidable. The longer one waits to treat their HIV, the greater chance of it developing into AIDS. The health risks rise exponentially as you put off getting the necessary treatment. You are especially at risk if you are still using drugs. Do not, under any circumstances, continue to share needles, or have unprotected sex, if you have contracted the virus.

If you have a dependence on drugs or alcohol, you are at higher risk for tragic disorders, viruses, and diseases. Promiscuous sex, sharing needles, contaminated drugs, and overall reckless behavior is cultivated in addiction. Get out of its bind now, before it is too late. You may have a craving so powerful, so completely overwhelming, that you are willing to risk everything for one final hit. When both the body and mind are consumed by addiction, you will do anything to make the cravings go away. Don’t be when one of the thousands of people that take the risk and incur HIV.

If you are still using drugs after you have contracted HIV, now is the time to stop. Put an end the suffering addiction has caused. Those with the virus have it for the rest of their lives, quit now to save yours. The consequences on your body will accelerate the diminishing effects of the virus leading to impending health complications and further illnesses.

Whether you have HIV or not, if you are addicted to drugs or alcohol the time for treatment is now. Find the life you have always dreamed of, free of anything that’s weighing you down. Call Right Path Drug Rehab to set up a consultation at the ideal drug rehab clinic for your situation.

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