How to Know if Your Spouse is Drinking Too Much

If your spouse has been drinking a lot and you have rising suspicions about the extent of their behavior, they may have an addiction to alcohol. Alcoholism is a deadly disease, killing millions of people and affecting countless others. Though it may be difficult to tell if a person simply likes to drink or if they have a physical dependence on alcohol, there are signs and details that will provide you with the answers to the questions you have about your spouse’s alcohol intake and abuse. If you think the signals below pertain to your spouse, or yourself, please call Right Path Drug Rehab Centers immediately to set up a consultation at the ideal addiction treatment facility for the situation at hand.


Changes in Behavior

One of the most recognizable signs of alcoholism is the overall change in behavior and mood. If you find that your spouse’s actions have become increasingly erratic, their emotions more intense, or become uncharacteristic while drinking, they may be addicted to alcohol. Next time you notice this, wait until they are sober and bring up your concerns. Ask your spouse to stop drinking for a specific period of time. If they drink daily, alcoholics will have a hard time going a week without a drink. If they become extremely irritable, irrational, sick, or are unable to resist temptations, then your spouse may be an alcoholic. If so, contact us to enroll at a substance abuse treatment center immediately.


Lack of Interest in Former Hobbies or Past-Times

If your spouse shows little interest in something they used to love, cars, games, or collecting for example, then they may be showing signs of addiction. Especially if they are selling the things they used to care about to fund their drinking habit, which is a tell-tale sign of alcoholism. Again, ask them about their interest to see how they feel about now, ask why they don’t take part in it anymore.


They Are Having Trouble Being Empathetic/ Are Increasingly Self-Centered

If your loved one is having difficulties relating to people in their crusade for drunkenness, it is usually a telling detail that they are drinking too much. Alcoholics and drug addicts are innately selfish, the chemicals in their brain actually fabricate excuses for their behavior. If your spouse is thinking about themselves too much, and not thinking about others enough,  they may be an alcoholic in need of a drug rehab clinic.


They Have Been Increasingly Secretive/Deceptive

Almost every time, an alcoholic or drug addict will hide the full extent of their actions from their families and friends. Perhaps in an attempt to persist in their denial, or as a way to avoid confrontation, the individual will often lie or keep secrets in the attempt to hold the truth away from the people that are close to them. If you notice that your spouse has been unreasonably deceptive or unusually secretive, booze may be involved in their clandestine behavior.


If you or your loved one is portraying these signs, it may be time to get them help at an addiction treatment center. Please call Right Path Drug Rehab today so we can set you up with a consultation to start the person’s new life. It begins with the addiction recovery clinic. We can walk you through every step of the process in which an intervention may be necessary. Don’t wait any longer, call immediately.

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