Sober Activities to Stave Off Substance Abuse

When you’ve overcome substance abuse, maintaining your recovery can still prove to be a challenge. Because life always has its challenges, you’ll want to be prepared to face any issue that comes your way by utilizing a solution that doesn’t involve returning to addiction. The best way to face these problems is to have cadre of stress solutions on hand before the trying situation arises. Here are several activities to take part in instead of resorting to substance abuse.

Get some fresh air

For some people, spending time in nature can be calming. Take some time away from the situation you find yourself entrenched in and go for a walk. This works especially well if you live in an area that lends itself to scenic walks, such as a nature reserve. Take time to breathe the fresh air and regain your center in the serenity of nature.

Recall that today is the only day you can control

Getting too worked up about things that are beyond your control is never a good look. Instead, try to recognize that despite any efforts you might provide, there are some things that are simply beyond your control — including yesterday and tomorrow. Getting upset about the past or future cannot help you; instead, concentrate on centering yourself.

Crying is okay

Sometimes, you may find that you have so much emotion inside that the only option seems to be crying. Go for it! Sometimes you need to let your emotional stress out, and crying can prove to be a great way to release that pressure.

Do what you can with what you have

Don’t waste time thinking of all you could accomplish if things were different, or if you have separate opportunities. Simply recognize that you can only affect those things that fall within your sphere of influence.

Write a list of things you are thankful for

For some people, it can be grounding to make a list of the things for which you are grateful, in order to take stock of one’s assets. In instances like this, crafting a list of things you are thankful for can prove to be very calming.

Work Out

As you may be aware, going to the gym and exercising can prove to be extremely helpful when it comes to overcoming substance abuse. Even if you don’t have access to a gym, you can exercise simply by going outside and walking around the block.

Reach out to family or friends

The value of a sober support network cannot be understated. Friends who have struggled with addiction can be especially helpful, but even if they haven’t had the experience themselves, family and friends can prove to be hugely supportive when one is struggling against addiction.

Write anything

Even if you aren’t a writer, writing down your thoughts and frustrations during recovery can prove to be incredibly helpful. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you might try writing a page or two about your feelings.

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